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2018 On the syntactic determination of thematic roles: Evidence from transitive motion clauses. NELS, Cornell, 6 October.

2018 Thematic Roles are determined syntactically in Transitive Motion expressions. LAGB, Sheffield, 13 September.

2018 On some (event) structural properties of the English get-passive. LAGB, Sheffield, 13 September. With Dave Embick.

2018 Variation in being done. Princeton University Colloquium invited talk, 7 February.

2018 Objects and unergatives. Workshop on Unergative Predicates: Architecture and Variation, Bilbao. 18-19 January.


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2017 Different paths in Directed Manner of Motion Constructions. In Aaron Kaplan et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, 81-88. [Paper here]

2017 Variation in the dative alternation. LSA 91, Themed session on Introducing Arguments: Insights from Micro- and Macro-Variation, Austin TX, 8 January.

2017 Variation in local syntax across individuals (Poster). LSA 91, Austin TX, 7 January. With Meredith Tamminga. [Poster here]


2016 Locating variation in the dative alternation. Linguistic Variation 16.2: 151-182. [Paper here]

2016 Lexical and individual variation in the Done My Homework construction. NWAV 45, Simon Fraser University/University of Victoria, 4-6 November. With Meredith Tamminga.

2016 On phonologically unrealized prepositions: the syntax and morphology of Indonesian preposition-drop (poster). PLC 40, University of Pennsylvania, 18-20 March. With Helen Jeoung.


2015 Dissociating Case from Theta-roles: A Comparative Investigation. PhD dissertation, University of Cambridge. Please email me for a copy.

2015 Passive Variation in Dialects of Northwest British English. Speaker series, University of Pennsylvania, 17 September.

2015 The Parameters of Case (Poster). Generative Syntax in the Twenty-first Century: The Road Ahead, Athens, 28-30 May.

2015 Features and the Typology of Radical pro: Evidence from Hawaiian. Workshop on null arguments, Cambridge Comparative Syntax 4, University of Cambridge, 7 May.

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2015 A New Case for A-movement in Northwest British English. In Ulrike Steindl et al. (Eds), Proceedings of the 32nd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, 218-227. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. [Paper here]


2014 The syntax of space: some problems from Chinese. University of Oxford General Linguistics Seminar, 17 November.

2014 Assertion and Speech Acts in embedded clauses: Evidence from Mandarin syntax. LAGB, Oxford, 1-5 September.

2014 Passive variation in the dialects of Northwest British English. 3rd Conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE), University of Zurich, 24-27 August.

2014 A comparative approach to spatial adpositions in Mandarin. Workshop on Adpositions and PPs, Newcastle University, 27 June.

2014 A New Case for A-Movement in Northwest British English. WCCFL 32, USC, 7-9 Mar.


2013 The syntactic structure of long-distance A-movement: problems posed by the ‘bei’- construction in Mandarin. Newcastle Working Papers in Linguistics 19.2: 37-58. [Paper  here]

2013 Locality in passives: variation in Northwest British English and its consequences. 2nd Manchester Forum in Linguistics (MFiL 2), University of Manchester, 15-16 Nov.

2013 The syntax of the speaker in the ‘went and’ construction. 1st UCL Graduate Conference in Linguistics, UCL, 7-8 Nov. (with Anne Beshears)

2013 Passive variation in Northwest English dialects. English Dialect Syntax Workshop, Darwin College, University of Cambridge, 6 Nov.

2013 Introduction to Differential Subject Marking and Ergativity. Differential Subject Marking and Ergativity Workshop, SLE 46, University of Split, 20-21 Sept. (with András Bárány and Michelle Sheehan)

2013 Microparametric variation in A-movement in Northwest British English. LAGB, SOAS, 28-31 Aug.

2013 A Case for A-movement: microvariation in Northwest British dialects. 39th Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG 39), Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, 21- 23 Feb.


2012 Distinguishing ‘root’ from ‘embedded’ clauses in Mandarin Chinese: the empirical evidence and some theoretical consequences. Revised MPhil dissertation (unpublished), University of Cambridge.

2012 Restructuring the ‘tough’ approach to East Asian passives. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics 6: 237-266. [Paper here]