About me

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown. Prior to Georgetown I was a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at UPenn.

My PhD dissertation (University of Cambridge, 2015) is a comparative study of A-movement phenomena and verb phrase syntax in Mandarin. My PhD was funded by the ERC project Rethinking Comparative Syntax (PI: Ian Roberts), a project concerned with the status of parameters in contemporary theory. In 2014, I was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford.

My undergraduate degree is in Modern and Classical Chinese and Linguistics (SOAS, University of London; 2010). I also hold an MPhil in Linguistics (Cambridge; 2011), for which I wrote a dissertation on clause level distinctions in root/embedded syntax in Mandarin.

I was a visiting student at Beijing Normal University in the year 2007-2008. In 2006 I spent a semester teaching English as a Foreign Language at Guangxi University for Nationalities in Guangxi Province, China, and at its associated secondary school for students from minority nationality backgrounds. It was in Guangxi that I first discovered the diversity of linguistic varieties spoken in mainland China.