I am a Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

I work on syntax. The main questions my research explores revolve around the relationship between syntax and meaning, especially in argument structure.

Some recent and ongoing empirical topics of interest include: structures often described as ‘passive’, or ‘non-canonical passives’; expressions of stativity; ditransitive alternations; and complex events that involve prepositions, or other spatial items.

In parallel, I work on syntactic variation, both at a macro- and micro- level. My work on variation is particularly concerned with the formal modelling of (syntactic) variation in the grammar.

Both strands of my research primarily draw on data from understudied varieties of English (including my native Northwest British English) and varieties of Chinese (before taking up linguistics, I was living in China and studying Chinese).

My CV is here.

Please contact me at biggsa@ling.upenn.edu