I am an assistant teaching professor at the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University.


My research is in theoretical syntax, morphology, and the syntax-semantics interface.

In current work, I am making use of a syntactic approach to verbal structures in order to explore questions about the interfaces, morphosyntactic building blocks, and to explain patterns in argument realization and event interpretation. Some topics of recent interest include:

  • Statives
  • Passivization
  • Causatives and causation
  • Resultative secondary predication
  • Ditransitive and applicative verbal structures
  • Case/Agree

I adopt a comparative approach, and have worked particularly on English, dialects of English, Chinese, and understudied varieties of Chinese. You can find out more about my work on my Research and Teaching pages.

Email: alison.biggs@georgetown.edu
Office: Poulton 223
Mail: Department of Linguistics, 1437 37th Street NW, Poulton Hall, Washington DC 20057